OPC UA Server

SimPiCom has been built on Java programming language concepts, ensuring application independency on operating system running on target platform: Windows, Linux, Mac Os It’s compact version can be installed on a Raspberry Pi platform, that makes its usage with field devices easy: simply attach a small case on a device itself and connect it via serial or TCP port. This way, monitored devices become available for other systems or devices via OPC UA standard on a cable or wireless network. Various communication protocols are already supported. Any client that complies to OPC UA standard can be connected to retrieve data of interest. Costs for installation and maintenance are significantly reduced, no need to develop additional interfaces to collect data.

Advantages and benefits:

SimPiCom OPC UA Server

OPC UA server application based on Java programming language concepts brings standardization, reliability and platform independency.

No matter what kind of device you want to monitor, SimPiCom is easy to configure for communication, real time data collection and provision. It ensures and supports standardization in data access from all interested parties.čuvanje podataka u realnom vremenu. Obezbeđuje i podržava standardizovan pristup podacima.