Our Products

Our software products are result of our long time work in automation, on various projects.
Main idea during their design was to increase productivity and reduce development, deployment and maintenance costs.

SimPiCom OPC UA Server

Ready to connect with production devices, various communication protocols supported. Existing clients based on OPC UA standard can immediately connect via network cable or WiFi

Runs on any computer platform

Brings field devices on OPC UA standard

Available in compact version - Raspberry Pi


Mobile app designed to monitor various process parameters
Monitor process data from different or multiple systems on mobile phones or tablet devices. RAPiD supports various Scada systems and OPC servers.

Remote process control

Real time data

Get notifications on alarm tresholds


Application for operators, system administrators and system integrators
Real time monitoring and setting values of Cimplicity ® points and associated attributes, through any standard web browser. Cimplicity ® PointControl Panel emulation in web environment.

No need for installation of Cimplicity ® or any additional software module on client's PC

Easy installation and use

Real time refresh of point values and attributes, using modern AJAX technologies


Flexible and 100% configurable tool for data generation and transformation

Works for data from input files or databases to output files or databases, reflecting underlying project definition. Through configurable template files user freely defines Projects with their hierarchy, objects (nodes) with possibility of inheritance, conversion rules and keywords.

Standardization of projects

Easy generation of large amount of data

Tracebilty of changes, improvent of quality by reducing probability for mistakes