CPMWeb is web based application made to easily and effectively monitor and control values and attributes of GE’s Cimplicity® project points. Just navigate to the page on your web server and choose list of the points to monitor.Real time point values and attributes are simply ported into web browser with option to set their values from point’s detailed overview web dialog.
CPMWeb web aplikacija
CPMWeb works as triple-layer application, written in latest Microsoft .NET technologies. Communication layer (C++.NET assembly) is wrapper around point management process. Middle layer (VB.NET assembly), data interface between clients and communication layer. Top layer (ASP.NET) in form of web page coupled with AJAX technologies.

Advantages and benefits

Cost effective solution to view and control point values and attributes as well as alarms

Simple and easy to use

Only one licensed Cimplicity® product (server or viewer) on web server where application is running is enough: No need for additional Cimplicity® license

Overcomes shortages of OPC COM and DCOM setups

With http protocol it goes beyond borders of firewalls & routers

No need for any setup or download of applets, ActiveX control, etc, on client side

Compatible with Cimplicity® PointControlPanel ppl file format

Registration per number of users/sessions

Compatible with all major web browsers

NET assemblies can be used in 3rd party applications to create custom user forms, visualization, alarm views

Developed in .NET and AJAX technologies, resulting in managed code, with minimal network traffic and time for updating point values without a need for page refresh


Open existing Cimplicity® PointControlPanel (.ppl) file with list of points, or simply create your own list trough usage of Add/Save buttons

Fully qualified point names, with possibility for concurrent connections to multiple projects

Real time update of point values and attributes with project’s timestamp on millisecond level

All standard data types supported, as well as array points of these types

Coloring of alarms and warnings. When alarm is disabled, predefined icon is attached

Immediate notification of invalid points with predefined icon attached

Detailed point/alarm real time overview with list of major attributes

Set point values with Cimplicity® integrated security of configurable single user credentials

Comprehensive set of settings for best possible general and detailed view of listed points

Number of allowed concurrent sessions, per web server

Update intervals of point values and attributes for both standard and detailed view

List view or Page view with configurable number of points per page for optimal performance

Set of colors for visualization of alarms and warnings

Column width, sorting per column values (ascending / descending)

Custom and 3rd party applications
.NET assemblies can be also used to provide real time information in custom made desktop and web based applications. Use exposed set of properties, methods and events to create shopping list to Cimplicity® and respond to point values updates.

Success Stories

Custom, web based visualization of production figures on manufacturing line. Real time values retrieved from Cimplicity® HMI project. Possibility for operators to remotely set values and control production.

Visualization and control of HVAC system components in large office building supervised and controlled by Cimplicity® HMI project. Accessible from more than 50 office’s desktop PCs, for local control of room temperature and airflow.

(demo) Centralized collection, monitoring and control of operational and maintenance data in globally dispersed power generation plants. On site Cimplicity® HMI projects controlling power turbines.

Create your own visualization in easy and reliable way
Provide real time interface to external systems on same or different platforms

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