The way we work

We are project-oriented and don’t have products that require constant maintenance. There are no tickets to be resolved either. Each of our projects is a new story; they can be completely different from one to the next and the only commonality they may have are their development platform or programming language.

Usually, our projects begin with an analysis of the project’s requirements and of the existing system (if there is one). Based on the results, we will propose the design and architecture of the system to the customer, in a form of a design document. Development will only start once everything has been reviewed and approved by the customer.

The complete process of preparation, development, and testing is done in our development and testing environment, with constant interaction between us and the client. The deployment and system start-up are, whenever possible, executed on-site. We really want to feel and enjoy every bit of the moment when our system goes live.

Our projects are predominantly oriented towards the management and improvement of business processes. This requires sophisticated programming in the field of databases, back-end, and front-end programming including collection, storage, and management of data, reporting, device communication, and inter-process communication. 

Participating in comprehensive projects such as ours, executed through the full life cycle, brings many benefits. It allows you the opportunity to expand your viewpoint, it will challenge you to further develop your skills, and to learn together with the team on a constant basis. You will participate in the projects from analysis to implementation. You will get immediate feedback from clients on the impact of your work and how you contributed to the improvement of the everyday operations in the automotive, oil & gas, paper, and food industries.

The use of a flexible project management style is in place at OtaCo. With our projects being various sizes and duration, having some clients with a clear set of requirements and some without, we need to build our management strategy around the each Project . It varies from Waterfall to Agile. Regardless of the methodology we select, high quality deliverables can only be attained through the combined efforts of the entire team.

Our team setup
and level of customer communication allow us to make decisions promptly and react accurately. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to advance rapidly in your career by seeing the results of your work in the progress, and together with your colleagues, create a tangible contribution to the success of a project.

Since our establishment in 1993, there have been several turbulent moments which have impacted our operations in the global and local markets. We have adapted to the changing environment, maintaining the company’s continued and stable growth, despite all these challenges. Working with us you are guaranteed stability, security and the respect for all agreements created together.

Our offices are in Smederevo, Belgrade and Nis

Our employees are guaranteed

A direct employment contract

A clearly defined path of development and advancement with constant communication and interaction with the team leader throughout their career.
Defined yearly budget for education and training courses in the specific spheres of knowledge as required for the projects we excel in.

The opportunity and support for rapid development due to the nature of our projects.

Annual as well as project related bonuses.
We value energy, responsibility and dedication to work. You can therefore expect an additional bonus upon the successful project completion as well as your regular yearly bonus.

Additional leave days depending on education level and work experience up to maximum 30 days per year
+3 days for Master degree… +1 day per every 5 years of employment

Additional health insurance cover (depending on age)
FitPass membership

Team building events and excursions

Flexible and minimalist administration
We are open to requests for leave days, understanding that there may be family commitments and duties, but always ensuring there is minimal impact on the projects at hand. 

Everything that is required for comfortable and efficient working environment is already in place. 

Meet our team

Our selection process

The selection process is very efficient and takes approximately 10 days. There is no formal testing. We simply want to have a discussion about the role and go through a few questions involving logic. It is important to have good foundational knowledge, an analytical way of thinking, and the right attitude. All the rest can be easily taught. 

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Front-end Software Engineer

Angular, NgRx, TypeScript, CSS
SignalR / gRPC / GraphQL

Back-end Software Engineer

C#, XML, SQLServer

SignalR / gRPC / GraphQL

Database Engineer


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