RAPiD is an Android app made to monitor production data on the go, on smart phone or on tablet. It can be used with various SCADA systems or OPC UA servers. It is designed to be simple to use, but to provide a lot to the end user.


Informacije o podacima procesa

Data is represented in versitile list view. All information about process data is present, including:

Browse and set multiple points at once. Browsing made easy using wild cards.

Pretraživanje i podešavanje veličina odjednom
Informacije o veličinama koje se prate mogu se podesiti

Point data can be edited to something meaningfull. Also, on the same screen threshold values for alarms are set.

Unlimited number of widgets on home screen of the device to monitor important data without the need of opening the app. Data on widget is in real time.

Neograničen broj uređaja preko kojih se može pratiti stanje podataka u realnom vremenu bez potrebe za otvaranjem same aplikacije.

Alarm thresholds are represented by both colors and notifications with sound and vibrations. Never miss an important event in your production facility.